Everything you need to make every meeting a success.

The right tools to help you get stuff done

Easy Scheduling

Xyfer integrates with your email and calendar. Avoid emailing back and forth. Just select who you'd like to meet and Xyfer will find the best time that works for everyone.

Effective Execution

Xyfer keeps you organized. Use our powerful real-time collaboration tools to take notes, record a meeting, transcribe audio, share files and teleconference - all from a single location.

Effortless Follow-up

Get automated post-meeting reports and personalized task items for all attendees. We take care of the grunt work so that you don't have to.

Scheduling made easy

Use from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCal and Yahoo.

Schedule meetings directly from your email inbox. Use Xyfer's Chrome and Outlook extensions to selectively share your availability with just one click.

Xyfer is the easiest way to schedule meetings across companies and time zones.

Collaboration done right

Xyfer makes meetings more productive, with less effort. Use Xyfer's real-time collaboration tools to capture meeting minutes, organize personal notes, and share documents with all attendees.

Don't waste time setting up. Xyfer's teleconferencing solution works reliable every single time.

Use Xyfer to collaborate and organize your notes in a structured format

Follow-up seamlessly

Followup email message

Xyfer helps keep your meetings productive. A report is automatically generated and sent to all attendees after each meeting. The report includes the minutes logged, decisions made, and tasks assigned during the meeting.

No download necessary

That's right! Xyfer is 100% hassle free. This means absolutely NO signup or download is necessary to attend meetings.

Simply open xyfer.com from ANY device and jump into your meeting – it’s just that easy.

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